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Sun, 09 Oct 2016 19:52:44 +0000

If you are an experienced programmer who:

  • crosses inter-company and inter cultural boundaries with ease
  • enjoys working directly with customer and partners (knows that a conf call could be not a boring waste of time, but an effective tool)
  • is, like me, a "script guy" who automates everything in projects
  • efficiently uses grep / sed / awk, and the command line in Linux
  • knows that *.pcap is not another MS Office file format
  • is willing to analyze the systems source code one has never contributed to
  • uses many languages (C++ is a must, Java & JavaScript are nice to have)
  • has Linux embedded background (preferably IPTV)
  • is able to capture patterns where others see only noise (i.e.: effective scanning of gigabytes of log files)
  • learns new things in real time
  • owns "sixth sense" to reduce the entropy in IT projects

... then:


... in Warsaw office (Poland), for big, international, IPTV project.

My team makes things happen by:

  • analysis of stream of bugs effectively
  • introducing automation
  • improving development processes and flows
  • squeezing everything possible (and more) from existing build systems
  • pro-actively tracks and improves project health by (guess what?) AUTOMATION!!!

If you match the profile highlighted above do not hesitate to contact me via Skype: cieslakd or by e-mail: dariusz.cieslak at schange.com. I'll be glad to share more details about the position.

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