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Ttitle: Twitter.com performance analysis done over 5 years

A long time has passed since I've started to measure some of "mainstream" websites. One of them is twitter.com.

Probably you remember old days when everyone blamed it for general slowness and huge performance problems.

This is the past now! As you can see from the graph twitter.com staff did their homework quite well in 2013. Since then they respond almost instantly (~100% of requests under one second):

That's a great score!

A link to full measurement report is available there (measured by site-uptime.net).

Someone might ask: why do bother that ~50% of requests served under 2 seconds? I think you cannot just ignore such performance problems.

Even if you don't handle them with high priority you have to measure (to know if it's not going to be worse for example). The knowledge is crucial for making optimization decisions in the future.

Tags: monitoring.


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