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Mutt: jump to next marked e-mail
Mon, 07 Mar 2011 22:49:34 +0000

I'm big mutt fan. Mutt is console-based e-mail client that is very customisable. You can redefine almost everything!

Here's very useful macro that allows you to search for next e-mail in TODO state (marked with "F", "N"ew or "O"ld state). It's working in pager and index mode:

macro index . <search>~F|~N|~O<Enter><Enter>
macro pager . i<search>~F|~N|~O<Enter><Enter>
macro index , <search-reverse>~F|~N|~O<Enter><Enter>
macro pager , i<search-reverse>~F|~N|~O<Enter><Enter>

I assigned this macro to "." and "," keys that is normally not used in default mutt configuration. It allows me to reach not-yet-processed e-mails easily (".": next, "," for previous e-mail).

Tags: linux.


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