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Linux Command-line Toolset: xclip
Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:01:13 +0000

In order to use modern Linux distributions you don't have to look at console window. All important system properties are configurable by GUI tools. There are times, however, a small bit of scripting becomes very useful. In order to easilly connect GUI and console world you have to pass data between. A small tool: xclip helps in this task.

It's very easy to install the tool under Debian-based systems:

apt-get install xclip

Collect huge selection into a file (if pasting into terminal may be very slow):

xclip -o > file_name.txt

Download selected URL into /tmp/file.out:

URL=`xclip -o`; test -z "$URL" || wget -O /tmp/file.out "$URL"

Place file contents into clipboard:

xclip -i < file_path

As you can see xclip is a handy tool built with unix-style elegance in mind. Many other applications could be discovered for this tool.

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