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Fixing invalid comment / branch name in GIT
Wed, 14 Sep 2011 22:35:33 +0000

Recently I was asked to help with fixing branch that had:

  • invalid name (wrong artifact number)
  • invalid comment inside (also based on wrong artifact number)

it was a mistake and programmer wanted to preserve changes done on branch, but using different name.

The solution I proposed was to:

  1. clone existing branch under different name
  2. "amend" last commit on this new branch (to fix comment)
  3. push new branch into correct location
  4. drop old branch

Sequence of GIT commands was:

$ git branch corect-name origin/invalid-name
(We saved desired SHA with new name)
$ git checkout corect-name
$ git commit --amend
(Fix comment of last commit in editor)
$ git push origin corect-name
(Fixed branch published on our default remote)
$ git push origin :invalid-name
(Weird GIT syntax for deleting remote branches)
Tags: git.


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