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First Draft Of Public Calendar Specification
Tue, 25 Oct 2011 22:27:09 +0000

After making decision to launch online booking service for existing calendars (Google / Microsoft Exchange) it's time to make minimal functionality specification. Then landing page will be prepared to check if the subject catch attendance then MVP to prove basic flows will work as expected.


  • Customer: calendar owner
  • Client: wants to book an appointment with customer
  • Time slot: period of time that can be selected for appointment

MVP Use case list below (will define implementation order and priorities):

  • Show customer's calendar on a website with available slots
    • WHY: Proves that we can read existing event source
  • Allow to book an appointment for selected slot
    • WHY: Proves that we can write existing event source
  • Allow customer to register new calendar
    • WHY: Allow for external tests for potential customers
    • Allows to set timezone, day of week range, hours range

Optional use case list:

  • SMS book confirmation
    • WHY: prevent abuse
    • Phone number is required from client
    • SMS code should be entered on confirmation screen to finish booking a visit
  • SMS notifications
    • WHY: minimize no-shows
    • One day before a visit notification SMS is sent
  • Vacation management by Customer
    • WHY: block booking for selected days
    • allow to specify date range for "unavailable" days
  • Automatic SMS after moving a reservation
    • WHY: easy change schedule
    • compares local cache with current calendar state
    • sends SMS to client and e-mail to customer
  • Custom SMS messages (with proper character limit check)
    • WHY: more details (address) in a message
  • Client cancels appointment
    • WHY: minimize no-shows
    • Maybe as easy as sending SMS to some address with confirmation?

To be continued ...

Tags: business.


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