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Eclipse SQL Explorer
Fri, 11 Sep 2009 09:27:58 +0000

Eclipse SQL Explorer is simple but powerfull tool to inspect Your database state. You can:

  • exec SQL commands
  • browse database objects in Eclipse (including existing indices)
  • open multiple databases at once

Installation is pretty simple:

  1. Download preferred version (select any sqlexplorer_plugin-*.zip file)
  2. Unpack this ZIP to your Eclipse directory: unzip sqlexplorer_plugin-*.zip
  3. Restart Eclipse

Usage: switch to SQLExplorer perspective and define new connection:


If needed driver is not on the list you have to configure new driver by selecting JDBC jar file from Your disk.


By default the following views are present in SQL Explorer perspective:

  • Connection list
  • SQL commands history
  • SQL editor window
  • Database details (table structure, indices are here)
  • Database structure (list of tables, views etc.)


Tags: java, sql.


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