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Django 1.1 released
Thu, 30 Jul 2009 07:40:03 +0000

New version (1.1) of very popular web framework Django has been released. New version includes ORM improvements, better testing performance, conditional view processing and URL namespaces.

ORM Improvements

One of SQLObject benefits over Django ORM was in my opinionĀ  possibility to make aggregations without issuing raw SQL-s. This feature is now present in Django allowing to make more efficient reports implementation.

Model improvements

A table can be marked now as "unmanaged": syncdb/reset will not touch such table. Also: proxy models and deferred fields now are present.

Testing improvements

Big optiomalisation for unit testing fans like me: tests are run in one transaction, so performance is much better than before. I don't use Django unit test infrastructure (selected nosetests for this task), but it's pleased to hear about this improvement. Hope it will make unit testing more popular among Django programmers.


Tags: django, python.


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