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A new site: RandomTest.net
Sun, 13 Oct 2013 06:34:24 +0000

A new site has been just born: RandomTest.net. Based on my experiences gained from many projects I've created set of libraries for different environments that allows to:

  • make random input to any application (web-based, smartphone, thick client-type, ...)
  • collect errors found
  • send them to central server
  • prepare useful reports for stability analysis


The rationale: Manual integration tests are expensive, unit developers tests are hard to implement properly and your latest click’n'play tool requires more and more maintenance effort for failing test cases along development?

What if we forget for a moment about scripting your UI by static scripts and replace it with totally random input? You will get for free coverage in almost whole application. “Wait” – you will say - “but there’s no way to check results as the input is random, is there?”.

Sure, here Design By Contract + Continuous Integration comes to play. You embed assertions in your system in many places. Failed assertions do not crash application, but are reported immediately to central server and aggregated into reports every day. Crashes, warnings, errors are reported, too. Then you can measure quality of your system-under-test by observing changes in number of errors, day by day. No scripting required to cover any new line of code! It will be tested automatically! The source is open, the project is present on github.com.

Tags: monitoring.


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