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"git cherry-pick" for Perforce
Thu, 11 Nov 2010 22:30:38 +0000

Cherry-picking is a technique of porting only selected commits from one branch to another. It's directly supported in GIT by special command:

git cherry-pick <SHA-COMMIT-ID>

Also SVN has simple merge mode that supports selecting of single commit:

svn merge -c <REV-NO> <URL>

What about Perforce? After checking Perforce documentation for merging I hit the following syntax for selecting subset of changelists to merge:

p4 integrate //depot/release/jam/...@30,@30 ...

That's it: add the same change list id twice (separated by comma) to source URL and you will get cherry-pick!

[2011-04-20] Update: looks like sometimes @CL,@CL will not merge change properly, it's better to use SVN-style revision range mode (@CL-1,@CL):

p4 integrate //depot/release/jam/...@29,@30 ...

Perforce has additional step to perform:

p4 resolve -af

that walks thru all changes from integrate step and allow to check for conflicts. Of course in the end you have to commit changes.

p4 submit

BTW. I (still) don't see any benefit from using Perforce over well-known SVN. Anyone?

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