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Web2py Lighttpd Deployment

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Web2py is "full stack" Python Web Framework, Lighttpd is fast, multi-threaded HTTP server. I'll present a method to connect web2py-based application under lighttpd. I assume the following setup is already done: A domain named "myapp.com" is configured to point to your server Python / lighttpd is already installed on server Your web2py app is placed… Continue reading Web2py Lighttpd Deployment

Static verificaiton tool for web2py templates

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Web2Py is a full-stack Python web framework that can be compared to Django, but is easier to learn due to convention-over-explicit-statement preference. In this article I'll check how static verification techniques developed by me for many different environments (JSP, Django templates, TAL, …) can be applied for web2py environment. Static verification means locating simple bugs… Continue reading Static verificaiton tool for web2py templates

Python Web Framework Selection

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I've been using many different Python Web Frameworks so far: WebStack + mysqldb + custom template framework (long-term ERP project for small company) Django (online shop) CherryPy + Cheetah (online PDF design) Zope (financial) WebStack + SimpleTAL (online PDF design) All frameworks have its strengths and weakness. For new project that will handle appointments using… Continue reading Python Web Framework Selection