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Web2py Lighttpd Deployment

Web2py is "full stack" Python Web Framework, Lighttpd is fast, multi-threaded HTTP server. I'll present a method to connect web2py-based application under lighttpd. I assume the following setup is already done: A domain named "myapp.com" is configured to point to … Continue reading

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Static verificaiton tool for web2py templates

Web2Py is a full-stack Python web framework that can be compared to Django, but is easier to learn due to convention-over-explicit-statement preference. In this article I'll check how static verification techniques developed by me for many different environments (JSP, Django … Continue reading

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Python Web Framework Selection

I've been using many different Python Web Frameworks so far: WebStack + mysqldb + custom template framework (long-term ERP project for small company) Django (online shop) CherryPy + Cheetah (online PDF design) Zope (financial) WebStack + SimpleTAL (online PDF design) … Continue reading

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