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First Draft Of Public Calendar Specification

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After making decision to launch online booking service for existing calendars (Google / Microsoft Exchange) it's time to make minimal functionality specification. Then landing page will be prepared to check if the subject catch attendance then MVP to prove basic flows will work as expected.


  • Customer: calendar owner
  • Client: wants to book an appointment with customer
  • Time slot: period of time that can be selected for appointment

MVP Use case list below (will define implementation order and priorities):

  • Show customer's calendar on a website with available slots
    • WHY: Proves that we can read existing event source
  • Allow to book an appointment for selected slot
    • WHY: Proves that we can write existing event source
  • Allow customer to register new calendar
    • WHY: Allow for external tests for potential customers
    • Allows to set timezone, day of week range, hours range

Optional use case list:



Python Web Framework Selection

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I've been using many different Python Web Frameworks so far:

All frameworks have its strengths and weakness. For new project that will handle appointments using existing calendar I decided to give web2py a try, rationale:

  • all stuff included on board, no manual integration of 3rd party libraries
  • stable API
  • small and elegant
  • integrates with GAE (with subset of DB layer)
  • template selection separated from controller (easier unit testing)
  • easy template syntax (reuses Python code embedded into markup language)

After first phase of product I'll report if my expectations above were correct and what kind of problems were located (if any).


Online Booking For Your Google / iPhone / Exchange Calendar

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We, Aplikacja.info are delivering online booking services for Polish customers using med.aplikacja.info service since 2008. The service is mainly targeted at small/medium medical businesses and allows to integrate seamlessly with existing webpage.

I was asked recently about integration with hosted Microsoft Exchange calendar. Customer (also medical business) is using currently iPhone to record visits and would like to use existing contacts and calendar events and allow his customers to book online.

Our current persistence mechanism is local SQL database. In order to integrate with external contact / event source we have the following options:



NoScript: fast and secure web browsing

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Do you hate animated ads on web pages? Roll-out whole-page ads that hide main content? Big flash content that will slow down page loading? I do.

Simplest answers for this problem are:

  • use text-only browsers (Lynx-like)
  • disable JavaScript globally in your browser
  • install NoScript Firefox extension

The last option is better if you sometimes need graphics and Flash/Java Script. NoSCript has cute configurable interface:

By default JavaScript / Flash are blocked for all sites (good starting setting), you can enable them by white-listing.

Very useful side-effect of NoScript (except nasty ads removal): your browsing is safer. Only selected domains (whitelisted explicitly) could execute JavaScript in your browser.


"Secure Connection Failed" on https://forum.hibernate.org

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Oops! Someone forgot to renew a SSL certificate :-)

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