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OVH VPS Classic Review

I'm a very happy Linode.com (an US VPS supplier) customer and my expectations regarding service quality are pretty high. VPS is a virtualization technique that allows to share the same hardware among few operating systems with dedicated IP and root … Continue reading

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Optimisation Matters, Really

One of my customers had many problems with stability of his server. Service stopped under medium web traffic and the only resolution was server restart. I was asked for optimisation of core components (MySQL database / Apache2 web server) but … Continue reading

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Linode.com 1 year Xen-based VPS review

Linode.com sells unmanaged VPS servers based on Xen virtualisation technology. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and it means one phisycal server is split into smaller parts and every "part" gains his own IP, disk space, CPU and IO resources. … Continue reading

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Does Your VPS Need A Dedicated IP Address? No!

I believed dedicated server / VPS (Virtual Private Server) always requires dedicated IP adress. Until today. I found (thanks, LowEndBox) interesting option where you can build your VPS totally custom parameters including shared IP address.How can it work? With shared … Continue reading

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Simplest Linux Administrator Measure/Notification Toolset

It's very important to know about server problems before they have impart on overall system performance and stability. Typical problem with server that may occur: missing disk space high server load (caused by CPU/IO) In past I had problems with … Continue reading

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