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Setting up trac on Debian

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Trac is an issue tracking system with integrated Wiki that is highly customisable and offers big flexibility. One can use it to handle software projects (but it's not the only application for such type of system).

Having correctly pre-packaged version for your operating system is an advantage – you can setup it more quickly by reusing predefined environment and matching software versions.

OS packages installation

First of all, let's install some basic OS packages on Debian wheezy.

# apt-get install apache2
# apt-get install trac
# apt-get install libapache2-mod-python
# apt-get install trac-wysiwyg
# apt-get install trac-subtickets

We have installed the HTTP server software,  the trac itself (will all dependencies handled by OS packaing system), Apache2 module to run Python scripts server-side, wysiwyg plugin (sometimes it's just easier to edit tables in WYSIWYG mode) and subtickets capability (allows to make hierarchical tickets).



Time Tracking in Bug Trackers

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Modern bug tracking software are not only the bug trackers. There are more features. Typical additional components that are included are:

  • Wiki systems: to share knowledge
  • Estimations
  • Time tracking

I'd like to focus today on time tracking capabilities and compare few mainstream bug trackers: Trac, Redmine, FogBugz, Jira.



My Favorite Trac plugins

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In this article I'll present Trac plugins that are most valuable IMHO. Trac is very easy to extend:

  1. Download plugin code (as zip of checkout it from subversion)
  2. Call python setup.py install as root
  3. (Optional) Upgrade database schema if needed: trac-admin <trac-env-path> upgrade
  4. Add some options to ini file
  5. Restart Trac process

After above steps you should see Your plugin is working.



Mantis to Trac migration

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Mantis and Trac are both bug tracking systems. A bug tracking system is a software application that is designed to help quality assurance and programmers keep track of reported software bugs in their work. It may be regarded as a sort of issue tracking system (Wikipedia). In this article we will use Trac's alias for an issue: Ticket.


Recently I decided to replace Mantis installation used for one of my customers into Trac. Mantis worked pretty well until the date, but had missing features when compared to Trac:


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