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Software Releases Using GIT

Releasing Software is not just packing latest version to tarball and send to SFTP server. It requires preparation and some planning to be done properly. I’ll describe release procedure I applied on one of my latest projects. Supporting version control … Continue reading

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Subversion: How To Revert Single Commit

Let’s say you tracked someone broke HEAD of trunk and you want to reverse that single commit from main branch. Subversion makes very handy syntax for reverse merges: svn merge -c -19203 https://REPO_URL In example above you do reverse merge … Continue reading

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Why svn:mime-type does matter?

You probably already know that Subversion stores some kind of metadata for all files added to repository. It’s called “properties” in Subversion vocabulary. This key-value map is responsible for registering ingored files masks, file attributes, internal file content type etc. … Continue reading

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Do not reformat whole files on commit, PLEASE!

What’s the purpose of internal project documentation? To help people do their jobs. Developers need the knowledge to be distributed across the team, testers need definition of proper system behaviour, marketing needs information on product features to sell it. Questions … Continue reading

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Peer code reviews with Subversion

Aplikacja.info believes in continuous integration and frequent reases, so uses so-called stable trunk policy. That means: at any time any developer can make installation from trunk to production systems. How stable trunk can be achieved? any commit done to trunk … Continue reading

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