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8 types of waste in Lean Software Development

Lean methodology is a "production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value for the end customer to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination". Lean ideas were moved into Software … Continue reading

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"Lean Times Require Lean Thinking" by ThoughtWorks

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Peer code reviews with Subversion

Aplikacja.info believes in continuous integration and frequent reases, so uses so-called stable trunk policy. That means: at any time any developer can make installation from trunk to production systems. How stable trunk can be achieved? any commit done to trunk … Continue reading

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Is "commit freeze" really required for software development?

During software development (especially done in agile way) there are often time when working software release must be prepared for customer evaluation of internal testing. I found many software release managers use a feature called "commit freeze": no one can … Continue reading

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"Projekt" kontra "Przyrost" w inżynierii oprogramowania

Idealny projekt Jakiś czas temu spotkałem się ze stwierdzeniem, że każdy system informatyczny który nie jest odpowiednio zaprojektowany przed rozpoczęciem prac programistycznych jest z góry skazany na "zatarcie się" w ciągu dwóch lat (znaczny wzrost kosztu wprowadzania zmian, "wypalanie się" … Continue reading

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