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105 No buffer space available on OpenVZ VPS

OpenVZ is operating system-level virtualization technology that allows to run multiple virtual machines (with dedicated IP addresses) on one box (with shared filesystem). It's like a dedicated server but it's not the one. You have to overcome many limitations: Limits … Continue reading

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Detecting top CPU/IO consumers on Linux

Sometimes your server responds very slowly. If you are sure it's not a networking problem (no packet loss on traceroute) you have to check other resources that may influence performance: CPU and IO. CPU is pretty easy to check: simply … Continue reading

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Recenzja VPS w vpsinn.pl / statnet.pl

Wybór dostawcy Jedną z usług które dostarczam moim klientom są serwery wirtualne (VPS) na potrzeby różnych systemów (głównie opartych o protokół HTTP). VPS to jest wirtualna maszyna posiadająca własne IP i dostęp do root-a, ale współdzieląca sprzęt (CPU, pamięć, dysk) … Continue reading

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Aptitude vs apt-get memory usage on Debian

If you are administering small-memory VPS servers it's very easy to exceed all available memory. Typical memory hogs (apache mpm-prefork, rsyslogd) could be easily replaced by alternatives. It's not very easy to do with packaging system (you have to be … Continue reading

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Linode VPS, welcome to Europe

Linode, VPS hosting company I'm using, just opened signups to new dataceneter in Europe. This new deployment is located at Telecity Group’s Powergate facility. Checking tracerote to London from Warsas shows the benefits: Packets               Pings Host                        Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  … Continue reading

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