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OVH VPS Classic Review

I'm a very happy Linode.com (an US VPS supplier) customer and my expectations regarding service quality are pretty high. VPS is a virtualization technique that allows to share the same hardware among few operating systems with dedicated IP and root … Continue reading

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Does Your VPS Need A Dedicated IP Address? No!

I believed dedicated server / VPS (Virtual Private Server) always requires dedicated IP adress. Until today. I found (thanks, LowEndBox) interesting option where you can build your VPS totally custom parameters including shared IP address.How can it work? With shared … Continue reading

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105 No buffer space available on OpenVZ VPS

OpenVZ is operating system-level virtualization technology that allows to run multiple virtual machines (with dedicated IP addresses) on one box (with shared filesystem). It's like a dedicated server but it's not the one. You have to overcome many limitations: Limits … Continue reading

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Recenzja VPS w vpsinn.pl / statnet.pl

Wybór dostawcy Jedną z usług które dostarczam moim klientom są serwery wirtualne (VPS) na potrzeby różnych systemów (głównie opartych o protokół HTTP). VPS to jest wirtualna maszyna posiadająca własne IP i dostęp do root-a, ale współdzieląca sprzęt (CPU, pamięć, dysk) … Continue reading

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OpenVZ VPS memory optimisation

This article shows techniques used to trim memory usage on OpenVZ system (with 128 MB RAM burstable). Mostly inspired by this article from lowendbox.com. Minimal Debian Lenny install (33MB used): # ps xo vsz,rsz,ucmd VSZ   RSZ CMD 1980   692 init … Continue reading

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