The simplest MySQL setup, ever

logo-mysqlFirst of all: you have to install the server (I assume you use Debian / Ubuntu):

apt-get install mysql-server

Then you have to create database, user and password (for sake of simplicity, not security, name, login and password are the same):

N=<DB_NAME>; echo "create database $N; grant usage on *.* to $N@localhost identified by '$N'; grant all privileges on $N.* to $N@localhost ;" | mysql -u root

Then you should configure your program:

  • db_name=<DB_NAME>
  • db_user=<DB_NAME>
  • db_password=<DB_NAME>
  • host=localhost

Beware (SECURITY): I assume you have MySQL external connection closed (only local) and you trust every user from your Linux installation, they will have access to your database easily in such setup.

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