Web2py Lighttpd Deployment

Web2py is "full stack" Python Web Framework, Lighttpd is fast, multi-threaded HTTP server. I'll present a method to connect web2py-based application under lighttpd.

I assume the following setup is already done:

  • A domain named "myapp.com" is configured to point to your server
  • Python / lighttpd is already installed on server
  • Your web2py app is placed under /var/www/web2py
  • Your web2py app has application "myapproot" configured

First of all, you have to configure lighttpd to locate web2py application,  create file /etc/lighttpd/conf-enabled/myapp.conf:

$HTTP["host"] =~ "(www\.)?myapp\.com" {
	server.indexfiles = ( "/myapproot" )
	server.document-root = "/var/www/myapp"
	server.dir-listing = "disable"
	fastcgi.server = (
		".fcgi" => ("localhost" => (
			"check-local" => "disable",
			"min-procs" => "1",
			"max-procs" => "2",
			"socket" => "/tmp/myapp.sock")

	url.rewrite-once = (
		"^/$" => "/ad",
		"^(/.+?/static/.+)$" => "/applications$1",
		"(^|/.*)$" => "/fcgihandler.fcgi$1",
	$HTTP["url"] !~ "^(/ad|/fcgihandler.fcgi|/applications/myapproot/static/)" {
		url.access-deny = ("")


  • (www\.)?myapp\.com: regular expression to match domain with or without "www." prefix
  • server.indexfiles: specifies relative URL that should be called when only domain is given
  • server.document-root: specifies location of web2py app in filesystem
  • server.dir-listing: we do not want user to list our files using HTTP
  • fastcgi.server: specifies where socket file is located
  • url.rewrite-once: allow to use elegant (short) URLs
  • url.access-deny: files other than static directory should be forbidden (security)

Then you have to configure fcgihandler.fcgi script properly:

fcgi.WSGIServer(application, bindAddress='/tmp/myapp.sock').run()

Note that /tmp/myapp.sock must be the same as specified in lighttpd configuration.

Then you have to start the fcgihandler.fcgi proces and ensure it will start on every boot. That's all.

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