Subversion: How To Revert Single Commit

Let's say you tracked someone broke HEAD of trunk and you want to reverse that single commit from main branch. Subversion makes very handy syntax for reverse merges:

svn merge -c -19203 https://REPO_URL

In example above you do reverse merge of 19203 revision (note "-" sign before revision number). After that merge:

  • Inspect if workspace compiles without errors
  • If it's OK: commit local changeset
  • Notify 19203 committer about the change

In order to fix broken commit original author should do the opposite:

svn merge -c 19203 https://REPO_URL

(note there's no "-" before revision number). Then:

  • Correct changeset and test if workspace is not broken
  • If it's OK: commit local changeset (it will be nice to show original revision number in a comment)
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