MySpace vs Facebook vs Twitter uptime comparision

Most of us are using Web2.0 sites but massive user base that logins every second is a big challenge to system performance. Let's see how engineers working for MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are doing their job.

Note: all uptime buttons and images below are generated in real-time, you can click on images / baners to see reports with details directly from


MySpace uptime

MySpace uptime


MySpace uptime

Facebook uptime


MySpace uptime

Twitter uptime

As you can see the "winner" in this category is: Twitter! 😉 is a service that continuously monitors websites and allows to configure email / SMS notifications on downtime. May be helpful for professionals who care about accessibility and uptime of their services.

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2 Responses to MySpace vs Facebook vs Twitter uptime comparision

  1. Michał says:

    Yeah, saw quite a few fail-whales in the last few days. API isn't working too well either. Maybe Twitter should drop Ruby and use a proper technology like PHP 😉

  2. dariusz.cieslak says:

    I appreciate their (Twitter team) efforts and their optimisation task size (enormous hit count per second) but it seems the variance is high from few months not days. Looks like Ruby-based architecture optimisation wasn't a simple task.

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