My Favorite Trac plugins

In this article I'll present Trac plugins that are most valuable IMHO. Trac is very easy to extend:

  1. Download plugin code (as zip of checkout it from subversion)
  2. Call python install as root
  3. (Optional) Upgrade database schema if needed: trac-admin <trac-env-path> upgrade
  4. Add some options to ini file
  5. Restart Trac process

After above steps you should see Your plugin is working.


TracWysiwygPlugin is a must when you are going to place big tables on Your Wiki pages. It's very useful also for novice users that do not know Wiki Syntax very well.



MasterTicektsPlugin allows you to link between tickets. By default it uses as "Blocking" / "Blocked by" marker, I renamed to "Parent", "Children" to express hierarchies in tickets.


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