I'm a passionate software architect that loves to build (the software) and delivers consulting services for clients in the following areas:

  • software quality control
  • performance & optimization
  • project management
  • tooling & automation
  • embedded Linux-based software development
  • IPTV technologies stack (multicast streaming, unicast RTSP-based transmission – Edgeware, retransmissions & rapid channel change – VQE, quality control – Agama)

My personal vision of software development process consists:

  • extensive automated unit testing run by every developer
  • working continuous integration machinery (with random integration-level tests with contracts to track big regressions)
  • static analysis where applicable
  • iterative improvements of the process based on defects analysis
  • automation on each level including release management

Do not hesitate to contact me if you see above methods and tools useful for your projects: dc at aplikacja dot info.

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